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Born in Bristol (UK) James formed several bands at an early age and playing the local circuit as lead guitarist with Airbus. During the 90's he worked on many recordings with the band and earned his spurs as a competent studio engineer and producer. He relocated to the USA in 2001 where he met and worked with some great American producers and musicians. James formed a psychedelic band called Black on Sunshine with friends that he'd met through Airbus. He produced Vic du Monte's debut LP and subsequently joined the band on keys and eventually playing bass. It was at this time he met with Landerra and Charles on the road and in the desert.

He worked again with members of Airbus on a project called Jinxremover producing several albums and toured Europe together with Landerra and Charles who were playing in a desert band called Waxy. When not on the road, James spends his time working on various projects in his studio in Los Angeles. A good body of his work can be seen below.

Bands: Airbus, Black on Sunshine, Vic du Monte's Persona Non Grata,

Jinxremover and Lakota